Harley Davidson Misfires With Female Riders

Harley Davidson built its image on attracting one demographic: white male baby boomers, the tough guys on big loud bikes. As those customers die or age out of riding, America’s largest motorcycle manufacturer is struggling to attract new customers, a crucial factor in...

Square Channels “Cash” Profits to Invest in Business Management Services

Square Inc., a starry-eyed Silicon Valley tech company, is challenging brutally competitive Wall Street, where traditional banks and payment processors maintain their stranglehold. Widely known for its app Cash, which allows users to send money, Square is building a...

Protected: Rural America Faces Roadblocks in Joining the Internet Highway

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Tech is Getting in on Finance and Square can Play Both Sides

Wall Street will have its ears on the ground in San Francisco on March 18 because that’s when Square is planning to have its next analyst day, with the last being in 2017, this will pave the next decade for Square.  Square’s business is challenging established banks...

Furniture and why it’s Something you Should Consider Renting

Millennials are known as the renter generation, losing their sense of ownership as living costs rise and wages don’t. Gen X shares the sentiment as the budding furniture rental market targets the group for the reinvented furniture subscription service.  While the rent...

In the Midst of the Apocalypse, Artificial Intelligence can Save Brick and Mortar Retailers

When Daniel Dogette, an aircraft technician for Jet Blue entered Macy’s during the 2018 Black Friday sale, he found himself in a frenzy of shoppers trying to fight each other for the items on sale.  He was on the lookout to find the “walking dead boots”, high ankle...

Protected: Credit disaster

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Richard Harding’s company Green Soul Organics qualified for Massachusetts’ Economic Empowerment program, which gives priority to cannabis business license applications from economically disadvantaged communities. Photo: Evelina Nedlund

Protected: Locked Out: Thanks to State Policies, Minorities Are Being Left Behind by the Cannabis Industry

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Kroger is priming for a fight in grocery delivery and online sales

Illustration Noah Lewis Over the past few weeks, grocery giant Kroger has made flashy investments in delivery technology and in-store renovations in an attempt to boost online sales, which could be its next big source of growth. The company is trying to its bolster...

Mired in a Funk, Gap Needs a New Fit in Its Search For a CEO

Gap Inc. celebrated its 50th birthday this year, but the golden anniversary is so far looking more like a goose egg. Once a trendsetter in retail apparel, Gap Inc. has seen its position as a fashion frontrunner fall to the back of the pack under the recent leadership...

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