Abdul Ali, Towson, Maryland

Q: Are you going to stick with the Nook?

A: These devices just aren’t built to last. The idea is to get you to buy one every year or so. I think that’s horrendous. I haven’t heard anyone’s iPad breaking down, so I think I’m going to go that route.

Q: What’s your history with the store?

A: I got my first job at Barnes & Noble in New York. This is where I got to meet other nerdy kids, when I was finding my way into becoming a writer. [Ali is a poet and professor of English.]

Q: Is it the same store you worked at, do you think?

A: I think the culture has changed. When I was a teenager, there did seem to be this sense of literary culture. Now it’s like, “Do you have a Barnes & Noble card?” It’s all competition.


Drew Deems, Lock Haven, Pennsylvania

Q: What Nooks have you had?

A: I have the Samsung Galaxy Nook 7-Inch. I first had the Nook Color, then upgraded to the Nook Tablet. As an owner of both a Samsung Galaxy S4 and currently a Galaxy Note 3, I was overjoyed to see a Galaxy Nook.

Q: Why not get the Nook app on a different tablet?

A: I am not a fan of third-party app stores. The Nook app had a tendency to freeze up on my iPad, whereas my Nooks never lagged or froze.


Henry Orlandi, Garden Grove, California

Q: Why did you choose a Nook?

A: I liked that if you had a problem with them you could take it into a B&N for help. That originally sold me.

Q: Are you a Nook purist?

A: No. When the new Kindle came out, I was definitely jealous of my friends [who had it]. The Nook tablets didn’t even have a camera! I never even bought the Nook HD because I bought the iPad 2 right around then.

Q: Are you worried that Nook might not exist in the future?

A: I would be upset if I could no longer get my books through B&N on the Nook. I just want all my books in one “library.” For me, a best-case scenario would be for either Apple or Amazon to buy Nook out, take it over and honor my purchases so that I could switch over and still have all my e-books.