Millions of people like Macy’s on Facebook but it isn’t turning enough of those followers into shoppers. Despite 14 million Facebook likes the retailer’s website gets less than half of the online monthly visitors as their rival Target.

For the month of August Macy’s had 61.8 million visitors to their site while Target had 151.8 million visits online according to analytics by

Most of Macy’s online traffic came from search engines whereas nearly 33% of its traffic went directly to its site and only 2% came from its social media.

Macy’s Chief Financial Officer Karen M. Hoguet said in a conference call, “We will continue to make changes that free-up resources to invest in making our company more successful. These investments in digital and in our stores are necessary if we are to compete more effectively.”

With 14 million Facebook likes Macy’s only posts once a day, on average.


Other brick-and-mortar retailers have aced the world of bricks and clicks including Forever 21, which also boasts 14 million likes on Facebook, and H&M, which more than twice as many with 32 million likes. Both brands have more frequent and visual posts throughout the day.

Even though online traffic for Forever 21 was only 34.7 million visits and 42% of its online traffic was direct. The average visit duration for Forever 21 was 8 minute and 18 seconds—nearly three minutes more than Macys. Even though Forever 21 had less monthly visits, shoppers were more engaged and spent more time on their site.

H&M however had 97.9 million visits to its site for the month of August and had the most diverse international online traffic of the mentioned brands.

Macy’s has also said they will be launching a loyalty program in the beginning of October 2017 and hasn’t specified whether it will exclusively online or for in-store shoppers.

“We’re looking at what our promotional strategy is going to be, simplifying our promotions, making sure we’ve got the right values in the very important fourth quarter,” said president and chief executive officer Jeffrey Gennette. “And making sure that that customer who comes to Macy’s, either online or in our stores during the fourth quarter, that we are very compelling and we’ve got the right values and the right content.”